Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Aim?

Hello all,
As we are just a few days away, I find I'm really trying to understand what we will hope to achieve with this visit to D.R. Is it a trip devised to put us in a mind set of nature preservation while pursuing a curriculum. Is the trip the curriculum? Are we using our first hand experience on an eco- preserve to enhance ecology curriculum? We chose discovery as our concept, Are we going to stage discoveries and log the process so as to teach our students how to discover? Just wondering out loud. I want to be able to contribute as much as possible.

See ya there


Sara said...

Hi Ashiviah,

Thanks for your questions. We will revisit the concept of discovery and talk more about the goals of our time in Punta Cana when we are all together. I know the workshop was a bit rushed last week. It is my hope you will have many opportunities in the DR to inquire into issues and ideas of ecology and conservation. We will also talk more about how we want to use the blog and other means to log our discoveries , experiences, and observations. Just come ready to learn, ask questions, and contribute your insights!

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