Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hard to believe that a week ago I was breaking down one lab at MS 447 in Brooklyn, and yesterday I was setting one up here at the Punta Cana Biodiversity Center (see pic). It was a lot of work - organizing materials, setting up drawers and closets. Luckily, we have a good supply of walkie talkies and Dominican flags! Both nights since we arrived, it has rained and rained in the evening. Quite beautiful. Luckily, the SciFi channel had a Twilight Zone marathon on last night. That and a little reading sent me off to sleep to the sound of Carribean rain.
Today, after another fine breakfast it was off for a beach walk, a swim, and a short hike in the Ecological Preserve here. There were beautiful lagoons amidst a dense, lush forest. Lizards, spiders and butterflies abounded. Also saw some kestrals today on the shore. I am sitting in the lobby drinking a cafe con leche awaiting the arrival of our students. Life could be worse.

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