Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pigs in the Trash!

Pigs in the trash!

I have been very intrigued by the variety of signs I have witnessed here in Punta Cana specifically for the staff members of the Punta Cana Club. Everyday as I would walk from the beach via the employee walk to the biodiversity center, I would pass signs that caught my attention. I especially loved the sign depicting that pregnant women got priority parking! Additionally, there were at least ten signs that read, “No Seas ‘foto de chanco’, Pon la basura en el zafacón”- Don’t be a ‘picture of pig’, put your trash in the trashcan. Everyday as I walked to the biodiversity center, I admired these signs especially with the irony of the plastic water bottles and other rubbish decorating the fields by these signs. The day I decided to bring my camera to take photos of these signs, I discovered that all ten signs were removed. I was surprised to see them missing as they were a part of my everyday scenery. What happened to the “Don’t Be A Pig” sign? It was then that I realized that though the trash remained on the ground and not in the trashcan as the pig signs pleaded, the pigs themselves were put in the trashcan. Pobre Chancos!

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