Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life in Punta Cana

I went in to the ecological reserve today to do our fieldwork. My responsibility is to make observations and record the abundance of lizards in the area. I picked four spots and rotate between each spot for about fifteen minutes. At first, I only saw one to two lizards at each spot, and they were mostly the common brown anoles and largehead anoles. When my observation time was almost over, I saw a beautiful red head lizard with green tail passing in front of me. It was such an amazing sight to see!!

I came out of the reserve feeling pretty satisfied with my work and decided to go for a swim. When I was in the water, I was amazed to see schools of white fish swimming underneath me. I was trying to avoid to step on them, so I ended up swimming in a weird position. But they seem very comfortable to swim around disruption, so I got a good look at them for a while. In addition to that, I saw a red starfish moving along with the fish. I think it is my first time to see a living starfish moving in front of me, so I was really excited.

Today is a great day, with two discoveries being made. I can't wait for another exciting day tomorrow

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