Sunday, July 15, 2007

random thoughts

Yesterday was our day off and I went to Bavaros and got some food from the supermarket. I'm glad that I bought some interesting looking Dominican food that I can share with my family and friends. It's funny how I did not really have any real Dominican food (other than plantains) until I went to the supermarkets yesterday. But it's all good~

I will have to start packing and get ready to head back home soon. I'm just so glad that I ended up taking this class this summer. We just had all the nicest and the most interesting people in our group. Richie, Katie and Tim were our helpful translators that really clear up a lot of misunderstandings during our stay at Punta Cana. Richie especially taught me a lot about Dominican culture, which I'm grateful for. Katie and Jaime just had the most interesting stories that really let me know how much fun they were. It was always fascinating when Ashiviah talked about her unique culture. Elijah always cracked me up with his jokes and at times amazed me with his intelligence. Dan and Sara took care of us in various way. They were just so sweet, and they never complained with our requests. Lastly, the amazing Chrissy, Elle Wood in person, is always generous in sharing her knowledge. She is super smart and cool, I really learned so much from her.

Thank you everyone for a great time here in DR!!

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