Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday 10 July 2007

We took the snorkeling trip this morning. It was really cool being in the water and seeing the coral and all the fish. This is the third time I ever went snorkeling – the most recent past time being about 2 weeks ago when I was on holiday in Belize. I enjoyed myself more today than I did when I went snorkeling in Belize - partially because this time I knew everyone in the water with me, and also because it was far less crowded. I totally enjoy snorkeling, although I don’t consider myself a very talented snorkeler, as I’m often trying to avoid crashing into people or kicking them in the head with my flippers, as well as trying to avoid getting close to the coral and accidentally cutting myself. That happened today to a certain someone in my class, but I swear I saw the coral jump up and bite him................

The water was quite choppy today and I kept getting water in my breathing apparatus. The part of the mouth piece couldn’t really stay in my mouth because the area I was supposed to bite down on had been bitten away. Lovely. Still, I had a really good time though.

Last night we went to the Galleria area of Punta Cana, which I think is technically the town center/village of Punta Cana. We mainly chose to go there for dinner because all of us were tired of the resort’s three restaurants. (Ain’t life tough for us?) Honestly, I have to say, by the time dinner comes around, I’m usually quite tired from spending time outside in the sun, either in the water or in the field, and then spending the afternoon in class. I think we actually are working and learning a lot. It just happens to be occurring on a Caribbean island. :)

I do feel a million miles away from reality, though. Like, what is happening in the world? I’m usually so on top of the news, and here I feel like I’m a few days behind. But it’s also kind of nice. I do know about the heat wave back in NYC, though, and I’m really glad this trip was timed perfectly so we’d miss it.

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