Sunday, July 15, 2007

the final countdown

Yesterday was our day off, though, to be fair, I felt quite pressured in terms of work (both for school and an unexpected free-lance article deadline that the whole class heard me whinge about (sorry guys!). Thankfully, I still had the chance to go kayaking with Katie, Dan and Elijah (aka Bonobo ;>) It was really great. I think I picked up some good kayaking tips and skills from Katie (who graciously shared a two person kayak with me), along with a bit of her laugh! It was just really great to be out on the water for a couple hours, enjoying nature and good company and a couple good laughs. Not to mention that my arms got a good workout – as well as a mild sunburn!

It’s strange that we’re all parting ways tomorrow. It’s such a gorgeous setting and I don’t think I can get enough of amazing water! Now, I just have to compile all the data from the field project and put together our power point presentation with Ashivia and Joanne. It’s crunch time…………………

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