Sunday, July 8, 2007

The first full day with everyone here in Punta Cana…we started the day visiting some of the community projects in the area including the Polytechnic School, the PUNTACANA Education center (CEPCA-right), the clinic in Veron, and the church.

The Polytechnic School, a gift from the Kheels, is under direction of the both the Sec. of Education and the Diocese of Altagracia.

CEPCA is a local private bilingual school but with scaled tuition based on income. Anthony, a 7th grade english teacher at CEPCA showed us around the classrooms and recreational space. Both the community of teachers and students is very international, drawing from the families of employees in the local tourist industry.
Both schools are in Veron, a place that sprung up not that many years ago as the local industry began to grow and is now in becoming a registered town to gain government and infrastructure functions.

The church was simple and beautiful with local stone structure, wood doors and pews, and some artwork on the walls (above).

Many thanks to Heyddy from FPC, Anthony from the Punta Cana Education Center, and the doctor at the Clinic for their time and patience!

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