Wednesday, July 11, 2007

RITCHIE GARCIA'S POST school trips and coffee

Not only have I learned a lot about Dominican Republic's ecology and the environment in general, such as; marshes can be a natural way to purify water. I have also been learning a lot about my environment in New York. For example, I have learned that there is a water purification site on 145 street and riverside park, NY; there are bat tours in Prospect Park, Brooklyn given by Paul Klein; the train station on Stillwell Avenue Coney Island, Brooklyn is solar powered; and lastlyChrissy, our amazing instructor, with a plethora of knowledge works at the botanical gardens in the Bronx.

I hope to bring these discoveries back to my classroom and share them with my students. I plan on making trips to some of these locations so that my students and I can become more consciously aware of the environment we live in and what is necessary to help maintain it.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this learning process is that is done while sipping delicious "Santo Domingo" coffee. The coffee is as rich in body and flavor as "Cafe Bustelo" but "Santo Domingo" coffee is a bit sweeter. Even though I prefer a more bitter tasting coffee and Bustelo is my coffee of choice back in the US, drinking "SD" coffee has made our lectures an even more delightful experience.

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