Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monday 9 July 2007

I am definitely enjoying this course in the Dominican Republic. I can already feel that I’m learning a lot, just from being out and looking at elements of nature, while being led by a very knowledgeable professor. I must say, even though graduation week in mid May was strange for me – being only one of two MA’ers not actually graduating – I am so glad that I chose to take a slightly slower road, for my health’s sake, and graduate later. I mean I get to take this really interesting course in an amazing setting and devote all my energy to learning the course subject matter, without worrying about my thesis, a full semester course load and my job. It’s just really great. And the water here………wow. I love the color turquoise.

Today, after breakfast, we started the morning with discussion of our group projects. I’m working with Ashiviah and Joanne on a project looking at the diversity of lizards in three areas of the grounds at Punta Cana. While we were discussing everybody’s project themes, a really adorable baby lizard decided to hang out with us for few minutes on the table top. Definitely got plenty of attention from us.

I think our project will be fun and interesting, and we’ll definitely learn more being out in nature. Funny, I was never a huge fan of animals when I was a kid – I mean I never wanted harm to come to them, but I was usually quite uncomfortable around animals. I think I’m softening up as the years go by…. I am now quite a big fan of lizards – who would’ve guessed?!

Tomorrow we’re going snorkeling! I am so excited! It’s such an amazing way to see the ocean.

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